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You matter here.

East Central Indiana has 10 counties, more than 520,000 people and endless opportunities for you to build a life and make a difference here.

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We’re not just one city. We’re a mosaic of individuals, different paths, and unique opportunities all coming together as one beautiful region. This is a place where you can be who you want to be and create a life that matters.

Are you an entrepreneur? A hard worker? An artist? A volunteer? A parent? There’s room for you in East Central Indiana. You can get involved, grow a family, open a start-up, or simply enjoy being you.

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Spectators admire art at The Portland Center of Arts Place in Jay County, Indiana


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East Central Indiana Ignites Community Aid

East Central Indiana is a great place to live, work, visit, and pursue higher education. Not only is the region full of many opportunities and amenities, but it also offers a vast variety of charities…

A woman walking through the vineyard of Belgian Horse Winery in Middletown, Indiana

Calling All Wine/Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Are you an enthusiast for wine and beer? East Central Indiana is home to many local breweries and wineries. Whether you’re a craft brew drinker or a wine sipper, be sure to explore all that…

Rosebud Coffee House in muncie

Pursuing the Next Step: Starting Your Dream Business

Interested in becoming a business owner? The reality of owning a business is a dream for many but starting can be a discouraging task. Being a new business owner requires time, patience, and funds. However,…