Get Connected in East Central Indiana

An atmosphere of hospitality and support often is a deciding factor in attracting new residents – and keeping current residents. From young professional organizations, volunteer opportunities or local coffee shops, East Central Indiana can provide options for getting connected to your peers.

Networking Groups in East Central Indiana

East Central Indiana’s offerings of organizations designed to set professionals up for success is a true selling point.

Muncie Young Professionals

Formed in 2006, MYP was a group of people who wanted to help bridge the gap between young professionals and community leaders. The goal was to offer a casual networking group to those beginning their careers who might feel uncomfortable in more formal settings. It began with social events, meeting at Muncie establishments to forge new relationships while showing off what the area had to offer. Later MYP began volunteering – joining in citywide river cleanups and helping the area food bank. After a few years, professional development was added along with learning lunches to help members grow their professional skills.

Helping Young Professionals Engage (HYPE) - Wayne County

Originally, the HYPE organization was built to provide social networking opportunities for young professionals in the Wayne County area. In 2018, the organization underwent a major strategic change, that shifted the focus from social networking to professional development opportunities for its members. This allowed for the creation of several breakout committees, including a professional development team and a membership team. Under this new direction, HYPE was able to build stronger partnerships with community organizations. Their goal was to to develop the necessary training for our members to be successful both professionally and in their community as well. In 2019, HYPE officially became a working committee of the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce.

Grant County Young Professionals Network

The Grant County Young Professionals Network (GCYPN) is an organization of professionally minded people who have a focus on bringing together a group of young, high energy individuals for the purpose of collaboration, conversation, and networking to promote leadership and a sense of community in Grant County.

Women in Business Unlimited

Women in Business Unlimited is an organization dedicated to providing networking opportunities for women of Muncie and East Central Indiana.


Volunteer Opportunities in East Central Indiana

An abundance of volunteer opportunities exist within the 9 county region to meet any interest and passion. Food banks, animal shelters, religious causes, education, youth, health care, arts and culture, recreation….. You name it: we need your help doing it. Pick your passion and dive in!

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club is open every day after school and all day during the summer to ensure that youth have a safe, fun, and positive environment to be a part of. Participating communities in East Central Indiana include Grant County, Rush County, Wayne County and the city of Muncie.

Blackford County Community and Family Services Food Pantry

The Community and Family Services Food Pantry offers food and groceries to those in need in Blackford County.

Jay County Community & Family Services

Jay County Community & Family Services works to help families, individuals, and communities prevent or get out of poverty. Volunteers can work in food pantries, deliver food to homes, assist in preparing classrooms in Head Start program, and more.

Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful

Muncie-Delaware Clean & Beautiful assists the county in cleaning up trash, beautifying Muncie and Delaware County, and educating others on how they can properly dispose of their waste and make their environment cleaner and more sustainable.

Rush County Community Assistance Food Pantry

The Rush County Community Assistance Food Pantry provides food and groceries to individuals and families in need throughout the community.

The Advocacy Center of Randolph County

The Advocacy Center of Randolph County helps facilitate the prevention,  intervention, and prosecution of child maltreatment and related crimes in the community.

Townsend Community Center - Richmond

The Townsend Community Center provides the community with recreational, social and wellness activities for all age groups. They also work to strengthen the community through programs and services which enhance personal development, promote healthy lifestyles, encourage community involvement, collaboration, and foster environmental stewardship.

Wayne-Union County CASA Program

The Wayne-Union County CASA Program works to aid children who are in need. 

Leadership Programs in East Central Indiana

Want to get connected with people while developing skills to transform our communities?  Consider one of the many leadership programs east central Indiana offers to current and new residents.

Shafer Leadership Academy - Muncie

The Shafer Leadership Academy provides inclusive leadership development so that people, organizations, and communities can reach their full potential.

Lead Grant County

Lead Grant County is an adult community leadership program that has graduated emerging leaders and volunteers for more than thirty years.

Links to Local Program - Grant County

Links to Locals offers you a way to learn about Grant County through the eyes and the ears of the people who call this place home.

Henry County Academy for Community Leadership

The Henry County Academy for Community Leadership enriches the community by preparing promising persons to assume leadership roles in various agencies, civic and business organizations in the community. 

Institute for Creative Leadership - Richmond

The Institute for Creative Leadership helps individuals with leadership skills, networking, meeting new people and community involvement.

Animal Shelters in East Central Indiana

Have you found a lost animal, injured animal, or are looking for a new pet? Animal shelters are essential in every community, and we have some great ones!

Fayette County Animal Shelter
Blackford County Animal Shelter
Marion-Grant County Humane Society
Muncie Animal Care and Services                                                              Henry County Humane Society
Jay County Humane Society
Help the Animals Animal Shelter
Rushville Animal Shelter
Winchester Animal Shelter








Coffee Shops in East Central Indiana

A good coffee shop swirls together with its neighborhood as smoothly as cream and sugar in a latte. It is a place where college students, business executives, moms or retirees can comfortably gather. It serves as an ideal meeting place for old friends, new couples and parents with small children. A coffee shop that gets it right can become one of those havens outside of home and work where people find satisfying social time. Here are some of the great coffee shops giving a caffeinated kick to livability in East Central Indiana.

Check out the coffee shops that East Central Indiana has to offer.