Internships in East Central Indiana

An internship is a great way to gain valuable experience and skills that will help you succeed in the workforce. It can help you stand out from other candidates, especially if your resume doesn’t have any work experience. Internships also give you an opportunity to explore possible career paths without committing to one idea just yet.

The best part about internships is that they can help you explore different career paths without committing to any particular idea just yet. You might find that your interests lie in something entirely different than you thought at first.  Or, you might discover that an internship with a more hands-on experience is what really interests you.

A good internship will also provide you with hours of networking opportunities.  You may find that your boss or fellow employees have contacts in other organizations that could be helpful for your career development and advancement. And, if you should decide to stay on at the company after the internship is up, they might just remember who you are.

Finding an Internship

East Central Indiana has many different types of internships available to college students and graduates. Your university or college is a great resource to discover internship opportunities. Other ways of finding internships are through academic or professional organizations, government agencies, and nonprofit groups with which you are affiliated.

Even if your school isn’t located in East Central Indiana, you can still find internships in the region. There are many internship options for students and graduates alike, meaning that you’ll be able to find one with your specific needs in mind. Perhaps the best place to start is Work and Learn Indiana.

Work and Learn Indiana

Work and Learn Indiana is a free internship-matching program managed by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce linking employers, students, high schools, colleges, and universities. It is a dynamic, searchable database, matching and reporting system coupled with personal assistance—including a hotline to answer questions and provide internship guidance and resource materials. The goal is to help create or expand high-quality experiential opportunities within Indiana.

Ball State Cardinal Career Link

The Ball State University Cardinal Career Link is a resource open to current students, faculty, alumni, and employers alike. This extensive resource is a guide for those looking for an internship or a new job, and caters to you based on your degree, experience, and field in your career.

Indiana Wesleyan Handshake

Indiana Wesleyan University’s Handshake provides students and employers with a place to search for and promote internships and jobs.

Taylor University Handshake

Taylor University’s Handshake provides students and employers with a place to search for and promote internships or jobs.

Indiana University East Handshake

Indiana East’s Handshake  provides students and employers with a place to search for and promote internships or jobs.

Ivy+ Career Link

Ivy Tech Community College’s career link is a resource for students to assist with career coaching, portfolio creation, work experiences, internships, and job opportunities.

Purdue Polytechnic Career Link

Purdue Polytechnic’s career link assists with internship and job opportunities.