Themed Adventures in East Central Indiana

East Central Indiana is the place to play out your passions. Be adventurous here. Be crafty. Be connected. Whatever your favorite activity is, we can almost guarantee it’s a possibility in ECI. That’s why we developed our Themed Adventures. We did the heavy lifting and put together all the best places to do the things you like to do.

Family fun? We have it. Bike trails? Definitely. Museums? All here. All you need to do is choose your Themed Adventure, download it, and get started planning your day.

ECI Racing Trail

Racing anyone? East Central Indiana is home to unique racing locations for the adrenaline seekers who call it home. Follow the trail for classic car entertainment!

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ECI Chocolate Trail

Explore the region’s chocolate and candy shops with a delectable journey! Treat yourself to tantalizing flavors in each county, making every stop a memorable delight for your taste buds.

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ECI Outdoor Adventures Trail

It’s the perfect season to explore! East Central Indiana is rich with outdoor activities. We have water parks, trails, nature preserves, and reservoirs. There’s an adventure for everyone!

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ECI Ice Cream Trail

Who wants ice cream? East Central Indiana has some of the sweetest spots for tasty treats! Choose your own delicious adventure – no matter the season!

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ECI Beer Trail

What’ll you have – a crisp Pilsner or a thick Stout? Try those and everything in between on the Forge ECI Beer Trail! Pick a direction and follow the smell of hops from brewery to brewery. Sample the best East Central Indiana has to offer in locally brewed beers, great food, and fellow beer aficionados. Some venues host live music – check the websites for schedules.

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ECI Wine Trail

Love wine? Take a trip on the Forge ECI Wine Trail! Pick a direction and follow your heart from winery to winery. Taste the best East Central Indiana has to offer in locally made wines, imported delicacies, and fine company. Some venues host live music –check the websites for schedules

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ECI Family Destinations Trail

Plan your next family adventure to East Central Indiana and visit top-rated museums, the state’s largest planetarium, a scenic train ride and much more! We have amazing destinations for you and your family to enjoy. See websites for information on hours and prices.

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ECI Bike Trails

Ready to hit the trails? We’ve assembled this list of the best East Central Indiana has to offer in trails, including length and route location. You’ll want to visit each website to learn specific details, like trailheads and conditions.

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