Fayette County

Alquina  |  Connersville
Everton |  Falmouth

215.16 sq mi
113/sq mi
County Seat


Polar Express

Top Employers

Reid Health Connersville
Walmart Supercenter
Kenley Corp
Fayette County Schools

Notable Residents

Howard Garns
Creator of Sodoku


In the early 20th century, the town became known as "Little Detroit" because of its importance to the automobile industry.

In 1898, Stant was founded in Connersville, and became the world's largest producer of piano tuning pins.

In 1906, the earliest known high school band in the country was formed at Connersville High School.

Get to know Fayette County

Ambassador: Abi Roszell

Abi grew up in Rush County and moved back home after graduating college in 2019 before accepting a position at the Fayette Community Foundation in 2021. She is now a huge advocate for her new community, and especially loves taking her dog to the Bark Park located in the beautiful Roberts Park and enjoying all the scenic views that Fayette County has to offer.

Visiting Fayette County? One of my favorite spots in Fayette County is the Oasis, our community garden. It’s conveniently located right downtown (just a building down from my office), and provides so much to the community, whether that be free produce, the chance to learn about gardening and the space and resources to practice it, or educational opportunities and fun events for children. I love how beautiful the Oasis is while also being a practical resource for the community at the same time.