Vision Corner Grand Opening: Spreading Hope in Union City

April 22, 2024

A remarkable example of collaboration and visionary leadership is on display in Union City as Vision Corner celebrates its grand opening. This transformative initiative is dedicated to creating a better future for all residents. This event signifies the culmination of years of hard work, determination, and forward-thinking by Mayor Chad Spence, Randolph Eastern School Corporation (RESC) superintendent Aaron Black, and various regional partners.

The journey towards the realization of Vision Corner began in 2019 when Mayor Chad Spence and Superintendent Aaron Black embarked on a mission to elevate the educational landscape of RESC and revitalize Downtown Union City as a symbol of economic resurgence. With unwavering determination, they navigated through obstacles and challenges, steadfastly steering towards their shared goals.

Vision Corner stands as a beacon of Union City’s progressive mindset, fostering collaboration through regional partnerships with esteemed institutions such as Reid Health, Ivy Tech, and Ball State University. This collaborative spirit has been instrumental in bringing Vision Corner to life, providing a downtown hub for career-focused learning for UC’s public-school students, as well as offering invaluable resources for adults and local businesses to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

The support received through the READI (Regional Economic Acceleration and Development Initiative) investment has been instrumental in propelling Vision Corner forward. With a $400,000 READI 1.0 investment, coupled with contributions from local public and private partners, Vision Corner has blossomed into a cornerstone project for Union City and the surrounding region.

Phase One of Vision Corner saw the successful establishment of a dynamic learning center focused on educational and career pipelines for students. Now, with Phase Two complete, Vision Corner has expanded its mission to include adult-level career-focused education, offering comprehensive job training, personal skill enhancement, and career development opportunities.

The importance of Vision Corner goes beyond its location at the crossroads of Columbia Street and Pearl Street. It stands as a symbol of the impact of working together, creativity, and community-focused progress. With every advancement, Vision Corner shows its dedication to supporting talent, promoting economic development, and creating a more robust, resilient Union City.

Together, Randolph County and East Central Indiana enters a new chapter brimming with limitless opportunities and countless possibilities. Come along as we stride into a promising future together at Vision Corner.