Knightstown Visitor Attraction Brand a Slam Dunk

May 31, 2022

The Knightstown Redevelopment Commission (RDC) spent the last 8 months developing the newly created visitor attraction brand, Visit Knightstown.  To celebrate the community’s input and commitment to the attraction brand they held a launch party on May 24th at the Hoosier Gym, where they shared the new website.

Those community members that attended the launch party were encouraged to complete the Visit Knightstown Passport which included taking a granny shot on the iconic Hickory Gym floor to receive a free t-shirt.  There were multiple booths presenting features of the website, like the all-in-one events page, and promoting the brand’s social media pages.   Those who attended received free swag branded with the new Knightstown visitor attraction logo and tagline.  

The goal of the Visit Knightstown brand is to attract visitors, road trippers, and weekend travel warriors, from all over the Midwest; the brand includes a new website, branded swag and social media channels. 

The Visit Knightstown website has an easy-to-navigate layout in order to promote businesses, restaurants and activities. For more information, visit